How is the privacy of my information maintained?

Your No-Name profile is visible to Buyers who have registered with Dealcierge. This No-Name profile is without company identifiable information, to protect your confidentiality and identity. Potential Buyers can reach out to you, after viewing your No-Name profile, to request more information on your business. This communication is anonymous, private and confidential. You will have […]

As a seller, what do I need to do on my part?

You will be required to create a company profile that provides an overview about your business. Credible buyers need such information to check if your company fits their acquisition criteria.

Who is Dealcierge?

Dealcierge is a digital platform that connects those wishing to sell their company with credible buyers and investors. Dealcierge is being incubated by Standard Chartered Bank.

What is the Investor / Buyer Client Classification?

Dealcierge is required to assess whether Investors / Buyers onboarded to the platform have the relevant knowledge or experience to understand the risks and features of the products before offering them. Dealcierge does this by assessing and classifying Investor / Buyer clients into one of the following categories. Dealcierge is currently only able to onboard […]

Would Dealcierge be able to advise me on how to sell my company?

Dealcierge neither provides corporate finance advisory nor M&A advisory. As a platform, Dealcierge has numerous professional vendor partners for your acquisition journey. These are independent professional service providers to help you with valuation report, investor presentation, and more. Please reach out to us at to know more.

How much do you charge for facilitating my acquisition?

Fee is success based. We charge a flat fee, payable only if you successfully complete a transaction. . Please reach out to know more. Separate charges may apply for sellers who opt-in for other value-added services such as valuation report, investor presentation or analyst support.